Documentary Pitch for “The Illumination Of Invisible Men” from Jonathan Isaac Jackson on Vimeo.

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We are Jonathan Jackson, Executive Producer/Director and Philip Williamson Jr., Director/Producer with American New Wave Media Group based out of New Orleans, La. Also, Kendal Francis, Executive Producer/Founder of Blessed 26. Blessed 26 is a Non-Profit Organization who’s purpose is to teach respect, networking, and social skills to help combat the negative images the public has on African American teenagers from New Orleans helping with giving these teenagers options for life after foster care.

This documentary we are creating details the effects of the cutting of Louisiana’s Young Adult Program, a program that helps teenagers from foster homes transition to young adulthood. Governor Bobby Jindal recently cut this program in July 2013. This documentary highlights how Blessed 26, is helping teenagers currently in foster care with that transition without the help of state resources. It also follows the graduates of this program and of their respected high schools as a follow-up for life after.

The Colored Section

The Colored Section

Father and Son.


Black Girl in Paris (2013)

I feel like no one on tumblr has seen this charming little short, and more people really need to.

I was making Japanese, while she’s watching DVD’s… in Oakland.


Photography by Stanley Kubrick (7287 more images)


The Illumination Of Invisible Men: Part 2 “Suited and Booted” (Pilot) from Jonathan Isaac Jackson on Vimeo.

Blessed 26 students are treated to a private dining experience at Eiffel Society. Carlon talks with Brandon Brown about owning and managing a business, while Darrell talks with Dr. Corey Hebert about the need for black veterinarians. You can donate to our cause at

Last night, we rented Eiffel Society for a elegant dinner between 5 teenagers and 20+ African American men of various professions. Each teenager wore a suit tailored for them via Blessed 26. There are teenagers out there who are not into drugs, degrading women, or looking to kill one another. Invisible Men are young, black teenagers who want to succeed, and it is our job to help them do so. By Any Means Necessary. 

The Illumination Of Invisible Men: Suited For Success Pt. 1 (Prelude) from Jonathan Isaac Jackson on Vimeo.

"The Illumination Of Invisible Men" is a 10 part series that highlights African American teenage men in NOLA who aren’t part of the negative statistics accompanied by them. In this episode, students had suits purchased and tailored for them courtesy of NOLA non-profit Blessed 26 and contributors as a reward for the completion of the Blessed 26 program. The students were then treated to a private dining experience held at Eiffel Society in New Orleans.

Some teenagers were fitted for suits today. In a week, we’ll celebrate over dinner and conversation. Mentors and Mentees. 25 African American men in suits talking about life.

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